A1 Engineering Aerospace


This is a market that A-1 Engineering has served since the early 90's.

The following two photos are of a fuel pump housing for a jet turbine engine.


Housing from Solid used in Navigation System on Commercial Aircraft and Aerospace Aluminum hog-out.

High Precision - Short Run Manufacturing.


Specialized Munitions for the Defense Industry and High Tolerance Parts used in Manufacturing of Contact Lenses.

Swiss Machining

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  • SPM600 SPM4000 SPM6000

    The SPM600, SPM4000, SPM6000 were designed and patented by A-1 Engineering. They are placed between the barrel and nozzle on a plastic injection molding press to filter the raw material before it is injected in to the mold. The filter size ranges from .012" to .098" depending on the application and are made of stainless steel. This product is distributed through our long standing relationship with

  •         SPM4000

  •         SPM600

  • Specialized Screen Pac's for plastic injection molding machines.