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A1 Polycarbonate Lens Mold

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A1 Lens mold

Unit showing precision adjusting mechanism

A1 Polycarbonate Lens Mold Tech Sheet

    Polycarbonate Lens Mold Tec Sheet

  • Outstanding longevity, with our first generation design molds from 1994 still in operation today.
  • Complete interchangeability of critical percision fit components between molds manufactured at A-1 Engineering.
  • We have incorporated the latest in technology by utilizing a Hot Runner system with custom Cast Heaters and Bi-metal Nozzle Tips.
  • Typical high wear alignment bushings are specially designed with a proprietary thick bronze coating for extended life and reliability.
  • A newly applied lubrication technology is being incorporated into all units cycling through A-1 Engineering for routine maintenance.
  • A-1 Engineering is continuously improving our design features to meet customer performance requirements while maintaining standardization. This allows us to incorporate relevant new technology into existing production molds.