Polcarbonate Lens Molds


Outstanding longevity, with our first generation design molds from 1994 still in operation today. Complete interchangeability of critical precision fit components between molds manufactured at A-1 Engineering. We have incorporated the latest in technology by utilizing a Hot Runner system with custom Cast Heaters and Bi-metal Nozzle Tips. Typical high wear alignment bushings are specially designed with a proprietary thick bronze coating for extended life and reliability. A newly applied lubrication technology is being incorporated into all units cycling through A-1 Engineering for routine maintenance. A-1 Engineering is continuously improving our design features to meet customer performance requirements while maintaining standardization. This allows us to incorporate relevant new technology into existing production molds.

A1 Engineering Mold Component

Other Molds

Shaft Components used in a Rotary Multi-Shot Tool from 420 Stainless steel.

Mold Max Cores used for an Air Freshener Container.

A1 Engineering Mold Component

Other Molds

Used to produce juvenile saftey gates.

A1 Engineering Molds

    Mold Components:

    One area that many mold builders rely on A-1 Engineering for is manufacturing complete cores and cavities for their molds. Here are examples of these items.

    Core used in thin wall molding of drinkware from hardened H-13 tool steel.

    Core used to make containers for medical testing.

    Various cores used for syringes and other small items.

    Core and Cavity for a thin walled dinner plate.