A1 Engineering has provided high-quality precision machining services and parts to customers in many industries since 1971. Reliable, quick, and experienced in problem solving, A1 Engineering makes a strong partner for any business needing precision parts.

Our custom-built 13,000 sq. ft facility in Coon Rapids, MN, houses our capable teams and machines. We provide CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, and other machining services. 

Mission Statement

A1 Engineering is committed to producing precision-machined components to support American manufacturing while continually growing positive relationships and providing reliable, high-quality service.

Our Values

A1 Engineering has grown and changed much over its decades-long history, but we’ve always remained grounded in our values.

  • Integrity: to maintain strong, respectable morals.
  • Positive Attitude: to always find the best outcome regardless of circumstances.
  • Commitment to Success: to stay focused on problem solving for our customers, team members, families, and community. Failure is NOT an option.
  • Passion for Excellence: to always strive for perfection with enthusiasm.
  • Teamwork: to work together and achieve common goals.
  • Reliable: to provide consistent, high-quality support.


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A1 Engineering began in 1971 when the founder, Gordon Neuman, had a problem to solve: contamination at the gate of a runner-less injection molding system could damage tooling and cause lengthy production delays. By the end of that year, patents were approved for a filter installed before the nozzle of an injection machine. This filter prevented the contaminants in the raw material from causing tool damage.

Gordon’s brother, Clayton, joined A1 Engineering in 1973, and together they continued to refine and improve different filter designs to make injection molding safer, more reliable, and more efficient. In 1976, the company moved to its new, custom-built location in Coon Rapids. 

In the 1990s, A1 Engineering began precision manufacturing parts for exacting industries like medical devices (e.g., titanium heart valves) and aviation (e.g., components for navigation). During this time, A1 Engineering also made significant contributions to the design and operation of molds used to manufacture polycarbonate lenses, CDs, and DVDs. Our mold technology for CDs and DVDs was later transferred to KraussMaffei.

In the early 2000s, we diversified our services further as a mold builder and contract manufacturer. In 2005, Dennis Richner (a 15-year company veteran) and Todd Craft (who had 21 years with Remmele Engineering) began leading the company. The adoption of lean manufacturing processes, equipment upgrades, and ISO certification followed.

Todd retired in 2018, and Dennis now owns the company with his son, Blake Richner. Together they’ve continued to upgrade A1 Engineering’s capabilities and systems, including machinery/facility upgrades and a more efficient enterprise resource planning system. The father and son team provides A1 Engineering with great knowledge and leadership to keep the company successful well into the future.

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Grounded in our values and our history of hard work, success, and improvement, A1 Engineering provides exceptional service to each of its customers. Our team stands ready to learn your needs, solve any problem, and help get your product to market. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote!