• A1 Engineering Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    A-1 will be recognized as a SOLID company in our industry.

  • Who We Are

    A-1 Engineering is a well respected business engaged in providing high-quality service to customers in the markets served while providing a fair return to shareholders and employees. Our services include a combination of design and build for the plastic mold industry and semi-production machining services for markets not greatly impacted by global competition. Our employees enjoy a secure working environment consistent with that established by the founders of A-1 Engineering.
  • NEWS From A-1 Engineering

    Decemember, 2014
    A-1 Engineering took delivery of a new Dooson Lynx 220 with live tooling. This investment adds greater capability to our turning department, allowing us to provide customers with machining services of the latest technology. The Nexus 501c-II is equipped with probing, thru-spindle coolant, 12,000 RPM and significant look-ahead program capability.
    We have already machined a number of custom molding surfaces on cores, cavities, A-plates, and B-plates on the 510c using the latest Mastercam software. This machine is able to provide superior surface finishes, greatly reducing the amount of polishing time required for the plastic injection molds.
    We look forward to providing many customers with high-quality machining on our new equipment whether it is single or multiple quantities of precision machined parts, injection molds, or mold components. Please check back for further updates as we continue to invest in the future manufacturing capability of our company and the USA.
A1 Engineering About Us

At A-1 Engineering, a unique combination of experience sets us apart from the competition. We have been making large and complex molds for nearly 40 years, and we often accept jobs that others aren't able to handle successfully.

We have also made hundreds of molds for small and medium sized products where the main focus is on immaculate detail and very delicate features. Our ability to combine these skills makes A-1 Engineering a wise choice for your most critical requirements.

Our precision machining experience is equally broad. From large molds weighing tons to heart valves that weigh only grams, we provide detailed perfection. Machining services include 3 through 5-axis, turning, hard turning, ID/OD grinding, surface grinding and more.

The culmination of over three decades of experience, your job is done on time, on budget, and with the complete dedication to detail that has kept A-1 Engineering ahead of the competition for nearly 40 years.

A1 Engineering Quality Management
    QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Manuals and procedures establish the company's standard operating practices and interactions with regard quality objectives and commitment to continuous improvement. It's fulfillment of customer expectations and requirements are intended to comply with the requirements imposed by the applicable regulatory authorities and those outlined in the following International standards:

    ISO9001:2008 Certificate

    ANSI Z540-1 Calibration Program Requirements Shoptech ERP system installed in 2008

A1 Engineering Customer Satisfaction Policy
Customer Satisfaction Policy Meeting customer expectations results in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction goes far beyond the products we manufacture and encompasses the total business relationship between our customers and all our people and activities within our company. Leadership in the marketplace can only be sustained by constantly meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers and anticipating their future needs through continual improvement of our products and services.